Lindsay Lohan's hot secret sister

Lindsay Lohan has a secret half-sister, it has been revealed.

The 'Mean Girls' actress' dad Michael fathered a daughter while he was still married, although estranged at the time from Lindsay's mother Dina.

Speaking about the relationship over 13 years ago, Michael - who has three other children, Michael, Ali and Cody, with Dina - told America's OK! magazine: "Years later the woman contacted me, convincing me that I was the only person she was with and that she had my child."

Michael - who married Dina in 1985 before they divorced in 2007 - has even written letters to the girl's mother saying his illegitimate daughter "is beginning to look a lot like Linds, with a mix of Cody, believe it or not".

He also sent his daughter a photograph of himself, which he signed 'Love Daddy'.

The girl's mother says that while Michael called his daughter on her 13th birthday in June and has had many conversations with her, he has never visited her or provided financial support.

She said: "It's time for Michael to take responsibility."

Mallika Sherawat and Hard Kaur – Two sex bombs in a jig!

Mallika Sherawat alone is more than capable of setting the pulses racing. But what happens when hot singer Hard Kaur (whose name rhymes with ‘hardcore’) tags along.

Sexplosion. That’s exactly what we can expect from Mallika’s upcoming film Ugly Aur Pagli that has Ranvir Shorey playing the hot belle’s nerdy, goofy boyfriend.

There’s a song in the film that goes by the title “Main Talli Ho Gayi”. The number comes in a scene when Mallika goes to a bar with Ranvir and gets drunk before hitting the dance floor.

Hard Kaur, who is known for singing Bhangra songs in a peculiarly English twang, not just sings the track but also features in the song along with Mallika. The two bombshells reportedly shake their legs (perhaps much more) together on the dance floor in the track.

Composed by Anu Malik , the song also features Malik’s daughter Anmol and Punjabi singer Mika.

Hard Kaur previously appeared in the promotional track of Johnny Gaddaar . The uninhibited singer has recently been spotted at various dos and parties in Mumbai where she has actually been seen getting talli along with her friends.

Arielle Kebbel Hot Wallpapers

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Carly Pope Wallpaper

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Carly Pope

Red Hook releases honor roll for the 2nd quarter for brook burke

Grade 11

Briana Bender, Christopher Bozydaj, Molly-Caitlin Burke, Annmarie Carey, Michael Colarusso, Kala DeStefano, Aileen Dolen, Emma Dowden, Megan Dowling, Deanna DuBois, Anne Fildes, Corinne Fleming, Nicholas Fortune, Daniel Frick, Inhwa Hendricks, Kevin Hourihan, Alecia Loveland, Kerry MacHugh, Zev Mandel, Allison Martin, Lia Michos, Gedney Mosher, Jill Obrizok, Kaylea Parkin, Alison Perry, Jacob Picard, Jacob Rabadi, Kathleen Rockefeller, Michael Scott, Hye Jin Suzuki, Paula Vitolo, Olivia Whelly, Caleb Wright and Kristin Young.

Grade 10

Damon Allen, Jillian Capano, Brandon Carroll, Clio Chang, Michael Collins, Katharine D'Onofrio, Justin Dempsey, Matthew DeStefano, Louisa Frick, Emily Gall, Samantha Gildersleeve, Trevor Halsey, Ashley Keller, Timothy Kirtland, Rosia Kittel, Lauren Laibach, Tyler Launhardt, Jacob Lewis, Mary McArthur, Erin McGovern, Katelyn Miller, Madeline Odak, Gopi Patel, John Quinn, Jessica Rotolo, Elizabeth Schmidt, Drew White, Michelle Williams, Megan Williamson and Juliana Zemke.

Grade 9

Siv Anderson, Eric Berman, Emma Bostian, Nikki Brodbeck, Quinn Brooks, Abigail Brudvig, Enryka Christopher, Ryan Dalton, Tara Dee, Cameron Drayton, Alexandra Fraenkel, Whitney Fraleigh, Zachary Gilman, Cali Gordineer, Catherine Hare, David Hathcock, Marcus Hill, Emily Howard, Fatima Ismail, Mark Janelli, Daniel Kelly, Michael Knox, Sabrina Krzeminski, John Lee, Sean Lenahan, Jake Lindberg, James Loveland, Caleb Mansfield, David Marchessault, Zachery Martin, Brain Martin, Nolan Metcalf, Kaitlyn Norton, Kristen Nugent, Julianna Pearson, Lucy Peterson, Jennifer Piacente, Sarah Pope, Sarah Popovitch, Jaclyn Rabadi, Samantha Rapoli, Francis Ricci, Iana Robitaille, Julienne Sarabia, Noor Sethi, Nicholas Stortini, Katie Torrisi, Erin Troy, Rowan Willigan and Sarah Yantz.

Esha deol have tough of bikini-bra

Esha Deol, like most people, always believed that being an air-hostess was an easy job.

But that was only till she got to play an airhostess herself. And that experience changed Esha’s perception for good. It was during the shoot of Kunal Shivdasani’s film Hijack — an action-thriller that also stars Shiney Ahuja — in which the sexy actress plays an airhostess that Esha realised how tough their jobs can be.

Says Esha, “For all these years, I thought an airhostess is only an attendant on flights. They only have to fly places with the passengers. But I was really mistaken!” Post her experience of playing an airhostess, she adds, “My opinion completely changed while I was shooting for my film Hijack .

There is so much more meaning and responsibility attached to her job. I play an airhostess in the movie and now I understand that she is somewhere responsible for the safety of the passengers apart from ensuring their convenience. Especially in a serious crisis like a hijack, she has to be alert, calm, witty and on her toes to make sure that the others on the flight do not panic. It’s definitely not an easy task.” So is there anything that she likes about being an airhostess? “Of course!” she promptly replies. “The uniform, the poise, flying places and all the perks coming with the job!” says Esha with a smile. Well, they don’t call it a high-flying job for nothing, right?

Glamour over-loaded, that's Mandira

From her trademark noodle strap blouses to the short and chic hairdo she has been sporting lately, Mandira Bedi has always believed in being her own style counsel. The style diva is currently busy hosting reality show Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar , which she insists is very ‘special’ to her. “Though I have co-hosted a reality show Fame Gurukul earlier but this show is special because I am hosting it alone and this gives me a chance to connect with the judges, the contestants and my audience” she explains. Ask her how she sees herself growing as an actor and as a host and she replies, “I think if you are hosting a show all alone, you tend to learn a lot and there is constant growth. When I started off as a host, I felt intimidated but now I feel very comfortable while standing on the stage and enjoy it.” So, what is it that she enjoys more – the cricket-based show which catapulted her to instant stardom or the current reality show she is hosting? Agreeing that a reality show has a higher glamour quotient attached to it, she affirms, “Hosting a stage show on TV is about a full figure shot. I am always at the centre stage and enjoy dressing up. Whereas Extra Innings was more about connecting with the audience watching you at their homes, so it involved a different kind of energy. There you can’t show your larger than life personality, which is possible with a larger studio, live audience, judges and contestants.” Coming to her new hairdo, what prompted her to cut those lovely tresses? “Actually it was not meant to be so short initially. I wanted to get a hair cut done but I couldn’t fix a meeting with my hair stylist Sapna, as we both were busy. So, while I was out of town for a hair-related event, I was offered to try a hair-cut and excitedly I said yes. But once it was done, I wasn’t too happy. So I came back to Sapna and she suggested that we’ll have to go really short to sort that out.” Nevertheless, Mandira is enjoying her bob cut now and is carrying it quite well. “If you ask me personally, I find this quite different and it’s like a contradiction when you don short hair with big earrings and a glamourous saree. It’s like an experiment in its own way.” But then why do we keep seeing her donning long hair while hosting Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar ? “Oh don’t ask me. When I went for the shoot, everyone was shocked. The team was all the more worried about how I will manage traditional outfits with this hairdo. I tried very hard to convince them to let me be with the way my hair are but it didn’t work and that’s why you see the extension of my hair while on screen,” she reveals.

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Actor James McAvoy on locking lips with Angelina

Most men would throw themselves at the opportunity to share a kiss with Angelina Jolie under any circumstances. But for James McAvoy, her co-star in the new action thriller “Wanted," it turned out to be a bit ... awkward.

The 29-year-old Scotsman told Ann Curry on TODAY Monday he had to do a make-out scene with the larger-than-life Jolie on her first day on the set. “It was her first day, it was her first scene,” McAvoy recalled. “I had been on the set for two weeks — it was like, ‘Hey, how you doing, nice to meet you, I’m James, oh, we’re going to do a kissing scene now!’ ”

It’s not as if McAvoy is an amateur at on-screen kisses: He gained fame for his passionate love scenes with Keira Knightley in the Oscar-nominated “Atonement.” But he says that love scenes — with Jolie, or anyone else — might look like great fun for the actors, but are usually the hardest part of the job. “You’re meant to do the kissing last thing, but you end up doing it first thing, just after you’ve had your breakfast and you’re all funky in the mouth.”

Ayesha Takia’s makeover blues films

Mumbai, June 20: It’s makeover time in Bollywood and it’s not just the men who are experimenting with the raunchy naughty look and killer six or eight pack abs, B-town’s ladies too are increasingly hopping on to the makeover brigade. And after Bebo and Amrita Rao, the cuddly looking Ayesha Takia too appears to be set to shed some of her extra flab.

And boy, we are glad the lady has finally decided that enough-is-enough and it’s now time look and feel better.

According to our sources, the actress had a tough time performing several stunts in her upcoming flick "De Taali’. The movie required her to carry out some nail biting action shots but Ayesha, who is known for playing the sweet girl, could not get the stunts right, courtesy her weight.

And she has some high ideals to follow as actress Kareena Kapoor had nearly stopped eating to get to the famous size zero for those not so interesting actions sequences in Tashan.

No we are not saying the Ayesha should go on a hunger strike but she of course she can take some yoga tips from Bebo to get to the perfect size.

After all, a little exercise can only be of help.

Britney Spear's sister Jamie Lynn Spears has healthy baby girl

amie Lynn, 17, who stars in Nickelodeon's television show 'Zoey 101', was said to be doing well after the birth of 7lb 11oz Maddie Briann.

The star, then 16, announced her pregnancy in December through an article in OK! Magazine.

The news provoked heated debate in the US about teenage sex and Miss Spears' position as a role model to young viewers.

The father is 19-year-old Casey Aldridge, a pipe-layer from Liberty in Mississippi, to whom she became engaged in March.

The Spears family, including pop singer Britney, were at the hospital in McComb, Mississippi for the birth, at 9.30am local time.

The sisters' father Jamie Spears, spoke of his delight at becoming a grandfather.

"We're thrilled, we're all absolutely thrilled", he told America's Life & Style magazine.

The younger Spears is expected to receive a substantial amount for exclusive pictures of the newborn child.

A spokesman for Nickelodeon said: "We wish her and her family well."

In the television show, Spears portrays Zoey Brooks, a student at Pacific Coast Academy, which until her arrival is an exclusive all-boys boarding school.

Sonali Bendre follows Urmila’s footsteps! as hot as urmila

Yummy mummy usually means nice and round.. Sonali Bendre threatens to breaks away from such the cliches. She is looking fabulous with each passing day. She has now lost every inch of her post pregnancy flab and is back to her hour-glass figure. We bumped into a svelte looking Sonali clad in an off-white suit at the music launch of Harry Baweja’s ‘Love Story 2050’ and couldn’t help noticing her perfect model like body.

“I am often asked how I manage to look beautiful inspite of giving birth to a baby and I say it is only after giving birth to a child does a woman look truly beautiful. Of course I exercise regularly and have a healthy diet too” said she revealing her beauty secret.

So is she getting back to films? “No, not as yet”, said she, however added, “You will see me as a judge in Indian Idol 4, along with Javed Akhtar, Anu Malik and Kailash Kher . We have already auditioned in five cities.”

More and more stars are veering towards TV because of its mass appeal. Inspite the hectic schedules and long hours, the money is good. And for the mummy brigade, its easy to be in Mumbai, look after the baby and at the same time earn your bread and enjoy the fame and fan following.
Its almost like getting the cake and eating it too. So here’s to one yummy mummy.. Sonali Bendre.
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