Great News at Emo-tions!

This is a very special update at Emo-tions, with plenty of great news!
First of all, the main store has a new look! Mirja has been working so hard on it lately, and this could even be the only reason to come and pay a visit! It will be open tomorrow, but here's a teaser...

New Store

Second, the new releases! Two beautiful hairstyles that will meet everyone's taste!

Cheryl, beautiful long braids...



(Cheryl, worn in brown)

...Esra, long hair with a small braid and half pantherish half elvish accessories.



(Esra, worn in naturals)

Third, new group gift! Alara in brown!



Last but not least, Mirja prepared some special surprises for all the people who will come to check out the new store: 3 dresses, a new one and 2 old favourites, are being sold at the limited time price of 50L! Let me show you...



...Mystic Green...

Mystic Green

...and Badlands Princess.

Badlands Princess

Also, some gifts, especially accessories, will be available for all of you. Enjoy the update and don't forget to give your congratulations to Mirja for all her job!

New Hairstyles!

Let's welcome the new releases, two beautiful hairstyles! 

Here's Mary, a beautiful and flowing style with a cute and small ponytail...



(Mary, worn in Blonde)

...and Natalie, that comes together a colour change hat.



(Natalie, worn in Black)

Pay a visit at EMO-tions and enjoy these beautiful hairstyles! 

Brittany - scenegirl

scene girl hair
scene girls
scene girl
Your hair looks so fluffy. Brittany

Beautiful Scenery Wallpapers

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