Christmas Wallpapers 2

The Best Top Desktop Christmas Wallpapers in all kind of resolutions and sizes. For your PC, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS. High resolution Christmas photos, widescreen, 4:3, 16:9 and HD wallpapers.

Golden Christmas Holidays wallpaper with xmas gifts, holly, balls and pine cones

Christmas background for computer with Santa and a list with names

Christmas dekstop hd wallpaper with a window with snow on the outside and burning candles and tree inside

Red Christmas wallpaper with christmas ball and golden ice stars

Blue silver wallpaper with shining christmas balls for in the tree

Christmas wallpaper with a little red cat in a santa hat

White Christmas wallpaper with a Christmas tree with balls, stars and other decorations

Light blue Christmas wallpaper with white stars and pine trees

Colorful Christmas wallpaper with five balls for in the Christmas tree
Christmas wallpaper with an eatable little home from cookies and candy

Gray Merry Christmas picture with a girl dressed as santa

Green December Holidays wallpaper with a Golden Christmas tree in the middle

White Christmas wallpaper with a gift and black white cat

Snow wallpaper with a snoman with a present and holly and a christmas tree near the church and houses

Image with someone writing a letter to Santa Claus on the north pole

Nice desktop hd wallpaper with a girl in red lingerie wearing a santa hat

Blue silver background for pc with a silver bell and other christmas decorations

Green Merry Christmas wallpaper with candles, flowers and other decorations

Red Merry Christmas desktop hd wallpaper with a tree with red balls

Christmas wallpaper with a little gray white cat in a santa hat

Christmas wallpaper with red golden xmas gifts and balls

Gray background for pc with a red christmas ball with santa hat

Green red white wallpaper with christmas candy staffs

Christmas wallpaper with a girl  in black bra and santa hat decorating a X-mas tree

Wonderful photo of a nice decorated Christmas Tree with presents on the floor

Dark red desktop wallpaper with holly with christmas balls

Christmas wallpaper with a picture of a pine tree with red balls in it

Feel Christmas with this nice wallpaper with angels, stars, balls, trees and much more

Blue desktop wallpaper with a Christmas snow landscape with trees and Xmas balls

Red, green white Christmas wallpaper with ice stars

Nice Christmas wallpaper with AN icebear pulling a sleigh with many gifts and elves

Christmas wallpaper with a box with yellow, white and red Christmas balls

Christmas background with a blonde girl in red lingerie and santa hat at full moon

Wallpaper with vertical stripes in all colors and a Christmas tree in the middle

Blue Christmas gift with a red bow and ribbons

Red gold Christmas picture with stars, balls angels and other decorations

Christmas wallpaper with a navity with people, animals, christmas trees and lights

Christmas desktop wallpaper with many red white santas

Red Christmas background for computer or laptop with a golden Christmas tree with silver star

Blue Merry Christmas wallpaper with a tree and a red, blue and golden ball

::Emo-tions:. news /Week 43

Argenda is the first dress specialy made for the 1 Mio Contest. Its with hairs, lashes, 2 shirts, jewellery and shoes. (Skin not from Emo-tions)

Aurelia is the second dress what we made for the 1 Million L$ Contest.You get it with shoes, Accessories like earrings and lashes. Hairs sold seperatly (Skin is not from Emo-tions)

Moon and Stars: it is also a full version with hair in different colors and shoes. (Skin is not from Emo-tions)

Mercedes Dress: You can wear it with a slim skirt or a gown skirt. Accessories are a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet.

The cream dress comes with Crazy Mera Luna Hair.

All Dresses you can find Sunday in our mainstore but also now on the Virtual New York Fashion Week.
Shows will run through the following week to end on Sunday November 6th.

Baby Wallpapers

The Best Top Desktop Baby Wallpapers in all kind of resolutions and sizes. For your PC, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS. High resolution Babies pictures and photos, widescreen, 4:3, 16:9 and HD wallpapers.

Pink background for pc with a little smiling baby holding a white tulip

Desktop hd wallpaper with a photo of a little boy holding a plastic bottle

Desktop hd wallpaper with a cute baby under a soft blanket

Cute baby desktop wallpaper with a child in bath with some toys

Beautiful wallpaper with a baby girl in pink clothes and bright blue eyes

White baby desktop wallpaper with a laughing baby with a teddybear

Picture with six babies in diapers looking up to the ceiling

Baby desktop wallpaper with a little kid biting in the kitchen tbale

Cute picture of a baby in a hammock

Baby desktop wallpaper with a little boy in diaper on the floor on his belly

Desktop wallpaper with a picture of a baby in a yellow bathrobe or towel

Desktop wallpaper with a little baby with big adult shoes and baseball cap

Desktop wallpaper with a baby and a laptop. They learn it on a young age!

Adorable desktop wallpaper with a sleeping baby

Wallpaper with a  sleeping baby in a cradle

Baby desktop wallpaper with vijf little persons in diaper

Picture of a baby under a white pink striped towel

Desktop wallpaper with a sleeping baby

White wallpaper with two infants with chef hats and pan and spoons

Cutest Baby wallpaper ever! A sleeping baby with a beanie hat and teddybear

Little laughing  babyboy with a red apple

Christmas desktop wallpaper with a little baby with santa hat

Image with three babies sitting on the floor dressed in diapers

A baby sleeps in a blue sweater

Desktop wallpaper with dad holding his newborn child on his hand

Baby Christmas desktop hd wallpaper with four little babies wearing santa hats and carrying xmas gifts

Funny wallpaper with a dad holding six little babies

Laughing baby with a green fluffy towel

Cute desktop wallpaper with three playing babies

Adorable desktop wallpaper with a little baby sleeping in his bed and blue butterflies

Wallpaper with a smiling baby with blue eyes
Baby desktop wallpaper with three little pink bunnies in a basket

Wallpaper with a baby sleeping on his belly on the floor

Pink wallpaper with a baby dressed as bunny or rabbit

Desktop wallpaper with two little sleeping babies. One with pink and one with blue clothes and hat

Desktop wallpaper with a baby in light blue clothes and two roses

Desktop wallpaper with a baby sleeping in a white flowerpot
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